Cotton Boll Quilting

A little about how we got started

Carla and I are sisters, two of twelve children, who grew up with a mother who loved to sew. Since her high school days, mom enjoyed making baby quilts, and as we came along, she made all our clothes until we were old enough to sew our own. She was also a seamstress for the local Community Theater group.

Our father was a physician who’s offtime hobbies included part-time farmer, electrician, wine maker and horse farrier. Through him we learned how to be successful in running our own business. Mom worked at the clinic my dad shared with his brother in Cullman, Alabama for over twenty-years, continuing on even after my dad passed away. Then after retiring, she took up quilting again.

Carla and Mom began attending the local quilting guild meetings together. Carla also became a fixture at the local fabric store, teaching embroidery and appliqué classes. She and Mom bought a frame and a Viking Mega Quilter and the two of them produced beautiful quilts and works of art that they entered into the Annual Alabama Quilt Symposium held each year in Cullman.

In the mean time, I was serving a two year stint in Italy with the Air Force after which I was relocated to the Columbus, Mississippi base, I was close enough to drive up to Cullman and see what my mom and sister were up to. I caught the quilting bug too, and within three years we dove into the deep end of the pool purchasing a Gammill Longarm machine with Statler Stitcher Software.

Since then, two more sisters have joined us, and there’s nothing we enjoy more than sitting down and visiting when we are all together working on the same quilt. We put a king size Quintessential Irish Chain together in two days!

We also collect fabric that is ‘too good to cut’, so when our stash got to be over 400 bolts, we realized we needed to do something with all that material. We decided to create a business that would focus on providing fabric, notions and quilting services to our fellow quilters in small towns across the US who had little or no access to these products locally.

That’s our story and we’re sticking to it!

Susan Hall
Cotton Boll Quilting, Inc
457 Silver Buckle
Schertz TX 78154

cell 210-288-8205


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